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Your insider’s view of fashion awaits…..

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MannequinMainforWebYou can consider Bàus Noir to be your new fashion haven, and this blog to be your fav ;).  Bàus brands itself as a unique blend of boldness, edge, class, and sophistication….. well just so you aren’t misinformed, #teambold will be in full effect on this blog. What’s fashion without innovation, boldness, and edge? Seriously…


Expect this blog to be like the “honey moon phase” in a relationship, except the phase never ends! (winning).  It is our existing purpose to make sure you have your weekly dosage of everything fashion (no withdrawals over here). Stay updated on the latest news in the industry. Get exclusive behind the scenes footage and recaps of the conversation worthy events, designer presentations, photo-shoots, and collaborations. Remain fashion forward and Bàus approved with our visual style guides, product features, and emerging designer spotlight. Whatever you decide to do is fine with us, just don’t be a ghost follower (nobody likes ghost followers). We want this to be a mutual relationship, so don’t be afraid to drop a comment with your thoughts, questions, or concerns.


We look forward to an eclectic 2016!



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