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The Pregame before the Festivities

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Tis the season to be overwhelmed with music festival madness! AAAHHH yes!!! The Festival we’ve all been waiting ever so patiently for, COACHELLA!!  It’s here!! Yay!!! Pack up the Camper and rev up the engine we’re going on a trip.


So look, I don’t care if you know every single artist or haven’t heard of a single soul and just so happen to score an extra ticket to the festivities.  I don’t want to know the details… I’m here to talk PRE-GAME. That’s right, what do you do before the madness?  Or better yet, what do you listen to? The turn up is real we know this but there’s levels to this ish!


I’m going to share with you a crucial level which is the “music” (duh right?) and give you few mandatory tunes to throw into rotation with your pregame playlist. In case you are wondering what a pregame is, picture it like the tailgate before the super bowl.  The fun that you experience at this stage has a strong correlation to the fun that you will actually experience at the game or in this case, at the festival.


So its day one and you’re getting ready with your peeps to experience night one.  You activated your wristband; munchies are packed in the fanny pack (wink wink!), and you got the traditional Coachella costume on.  Since drinks cost a baby car note you decide to pop a few bottles and jam out first before you head out to catch your favorite set. Now, you’re gonna to be listening to music all weekend right I know but here are 10 songs to get that pregame poppin! Lets start with some old school Bob Marley – Sun is Shining and back door that with Collie Buddz – Come around.  These two joints (pun intended) will surely put you in that free spirit vibe if the alcohol haven’t already kicked in.


Now, venture on over to Hermitude – The Buzz (feat. Mataya & Tapz) and follow that with some Odesza – White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts). Play a few more songs then come in with some of that Glass Animals – Gooey! These are some personal favs of mine and I ensure you that your ears will thank you.


Up next is my girl SZA – Warm Winds…. I LOVE this and you will too, promise.


At this point you should be feeling extra groovy so Warm Water by Banks should take it to the next level.


After you’ve slowed it down… let’s kick it back up with a bit of Disclosure – You and Me (Flume Remix) followed by Disclosure- Magnets (feat. Lorde)!….. The instruments along should have you pumped and ready to see it live and guess what, you will!!!


Last but definitely not least my boy Anderson Paak – Come Down will give you what you need to step foot onto that grass with all the confidence and swag!


Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list! this is merely a few tunes to throw into your rotation.  A few of these artist are performing live so if you didn’t know about them…. now you do!


Be Safe

Have Fun

See you out there!

Hurry up!









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