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The Italian Way

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It’s all about the style, food, history and wine when traveling in Italy. I recently had the opportunity to visit a few different places during my holiday and with having limited time, I’m giving you a broad perspective of my assumptions and observations about Italy. FIRST. DISCLAIMER. I am giving my account of my trip. Not a guide in any way mainly due to this being just my first time in the country. I decided to be open and just experience something new. After leaving France and immediately going into Milan, I definitely noticed the change in attitude toward foreign tourist. Milan, Florence, Venice and Rome were the stops each one surprising me in a special way. My least favorite was Milan. Florence is really cute, Venice is alluring and Rome just gives you this good history lesson in real life. Here are a few shots I took.


Design that transcends time. Roman Entertainment took place here and set the stage for architectural stages throughout the world. Set the sports trend of all trends. Literally. #design #trendsetting


The inside… Pictures just doesn’t do this justice. You MUST see for yourself!


Get lost in the Intricacy of the Art- Sistine Chapel    #JUST GO


Getting my tourist vibe on in these Venice Streets


Venice… I think this place is mysterious… I Bet it has good history… : )


Florence Streets at night! No Filter. #Aintnofilterbish


We found the perfect Trattoria with the cutest waiter and best taste of Florence! Make sure you dip off to a hole in the wall…




Florence is KNOWN for their steak and now I know why!


More cute streets of Florence


It’s all about the shopping in Milan! Getting my touristy vibe on again…


Louis Vuitton to make your heart skip a beat!


I would definitely do all of the touristy things in Italy if it were your first trip there. When in Rome you have the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel and more. In Venice you have the mysterious yet charming city surrounded with streets of water, this city makes you want to take a history lesson. In Florence you have STEAK, Chianti! and cute streets with cute Trattorias’ to bring authenticity to any meal. Milan is the Fashion Capital of the world so of course shopping was the number one touristy thing to do. The thing is… I don’t think Milan likes tourist. Non Italian visitors. That’s just a vibe I got from the city.


Italy is everything you Google and more. Here are a few of my takeaways: 1) Italians are very proud of their culture and history 2) Make sure you indulge in the vast variety of vinho! 3) Get on the eating schedule that is common in Italy. You will eat a lot so do it like an Italian. 4) There is plenty of shopping! Don’t hurt yourself 5) each place you visit has something magical to offer so make sure you experience Italy with an open mind 6) EAT GELATO!


This is a glimpse of my travels to Italy. Each place is packed with history, culture, specialized food and wine and your goal should be to experience as much of it as you can while here. If you have any specific questions about where to stay or anything else, drop me a line below!


Talk to you guys later…. #BeBàus



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