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“The Bomb Life” by Claire Sulmers: Book Review

  |   Fashion/Beauty   |   1 Comment

While the #mannequinchallenge may be the trendy thing to do, fashion media extraordinaire , Claire Sulmers, is far from standing still as she releases her new book entitled “The Bomb Life”. The “Fashion Bomb Daily” founder, takes us on a motivational journey to becoming one of the most influential persons in fashion, as well as, founding one of the top multicultural fashion blogs in the world.


In 3 words this book is…..

Authentic, Informative, and Inspiring


What to expect?

The Real

Claire Sulmers keeps it REAL! The authenticity of her journey was refreshing, in a world where everything is so superficial and filtered.  We were exposed to the good, bad, and the ugly! The embarrassing moments, breaking points, and moments of triumph.

Industry Insider

Talk about a seat at the table! Claire’s experiences at Vogue Paris, Glamour, and other fashion media companies, gave way for her to reveal the reality of the fashion industry beyond the glitz and glamour. We were given front row seats to the cattiness, cut throat nature, and required validation that accompanies the fashion industry. The Harvard graduate even went against the status quo and highlighted the obstacles endured being a minority in the industry.

Blue Print 

If you ever thought about being a fashion blogger or influencer….stop what you are doing and read this book!  Not only did Claire show you the ropes through her journey, but she dedicated half of her book to lay out the framework for a successful career in blogging.  The ultimate “How-To” live “The Bomb Life”.    


Lessons Learned

Looks matter

In an exterior focused industry, it comes as no surprise that aesthetics dominates. Claire explains the magnitude in which aesthetics plays a major role in one’s overall success in the fashion industry(nearly 2 chapters are dedicated to this topic!). First impressions are immortal in the fashion industry, so you better let your wardrobe represent you well. Stay groomed, develop your style, identify your best asset, and stay away from old damaged shoes!! #clairetaughtme 

Know your self-worth

A noteworthy portion of the book includes sound advice from Claire to her younger self. By far one of my favorite reading moments. Understanding your self-worth was a substantial take away. As Claire converses with her younger self she relays that it is OK to be you! You are a unique being, and you must understand your value before any job, or person ever could. Once you understand your value, the framework for your life is set. You can now dominate and pursue anything you choose knowing what you have to offer. Claire knew her worth from the moment she stepped into her first editorial role; hence, the reason she opted to “create her own Vogue”.

Just Jump!

When life gives you hurdles you can either stop, or clear that hurdle like you have been training for the Olympics your whole life. Claire clearly was a track star in her former life. Her leaps of faith give others the motivation needed to jump over their fears and into their destiny by any means necessary. Even if it means moving out the country with just a passport and a vision, being a minority in an prejudice industry, or gate crashing at Fashion Week (that one is for the books girl!). The point is…make a way, when there appears to be no possible way in hell. Limitations are self-set, unlock your freedom and get it done!

Network, Network, Network!

The gift of gab….everyone doesn’t have it, but it’s a necessity if you want to grow anything and generate awareness. Claire mastered the idea of networking and ceasing every communicative opportunity possible. Her network has commendable range from Beyoncé to Carine Roitfield.  Her secret to building such a profound network is simple yet effective. First, you have to be in a setting to network, and secondly when you get there you need to communicate with purpose. Keyword here, PURPOSE. When you have purpose, it makes communicating that much easier. It outlines the conversation, requires participation of the audience, and generates awareness. #Keys 


Overall Rating:  5 Stars!!! We cannot wait for book number 2!

Have you all had a chance to read “The Bomb Life”? What were your thoughts on the book? Comment below and let us know!  


Book Details

Number of Pages: 204

Read time 2.5 hours 

Available at: amazon.com,  fashionbombdailyshop.com.   

  • Sharra Greene | Jan 9, 2017 at 1:32 am

    Amazing review. Very detailed and informative. Really captures the essence of this book as a whole and gives readers an idea of what to take away from Claire when reading “The Bomb Life.” I agree, this book is 5 star material for sure!

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