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Prepping for Europe

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Hey guys, I’m getting ready to take you with me while I open myself up to the cultural richness of Europe. A lot of you have already visited I know but I’m ready to see what this side of the world has to offer and I’m bringing you guys along. This is “Prepping for Europe”.



I love to travel. Absolutely love it. I’ve been around the world from South America to Africa to Asia but never to Europe! I’ve read about Europe (Monaco, Italy, Greece) and always had a picture of what I thought it would look like in my mind. Now I am about to witness it for myself. This “Perspective” of my Europe trip will be a first hand, first time adventure. I have watched countless videos, read the travel blogs (like what to pack), and visited the touristy sites (like where to go) and that is all fine and dandy but this preparation is all mental.



I’m looking to detoxify my mind and body while honing in on some new cultural habits that are going to essentially elevate my quality of living. I’m stealing a piece of each country’s gems and sharing it with you so that we all can be “Bàus” in our everyday lives.



In just a few short days I’ll be backpacking with two friends throughout Italy. We’re starting in Nice, France then train hopping across the country of Italy eating till our hearts are content while soaking in everything Italian. We’re ending the trip in Greece (Athens and Santorini) where the postcard worthy views await us.

I literally have just a backpack (not a true backpackers one but a school books one) and a huge satchel bag with a cross body strap. Now the question is…. How does one visit three countries in two weeks with minimal luggage? Come along with me and I’ll show you. Chic is the word choice here. I have to ensure that my looks are interchangeable, layer friendly, strong as separates, and appropriate for where I am going in each city.



Now, I got a few must haves and a couple bucket list items to check off but honestly, I’m just looking to have a genuine experience with good friends and better Wine! I want to meet some Bàus individuals along the way and hopefully inspire a couple of you to make the decision to get up and go somewhere that you’ve never been before.



This should be fun.



“…Experience the instant the way you’ll want to reminisce about it in the future” … I found this quote on IG and this has become my new mantra. My goal is to simply do this along the way and capture it in a way that will allow you to reminisce right along with me.

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