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Operation Recovery 101

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So music festivals are underway and you’ve just wrapped up a weekend of twisted fun.  Your friends have just booked you on yet another trip to catch the next one and you don’t want to be the party pooper and say no, so what do you do?


This is operation recovery weekend.


I’m about to give you three tips that will get you on back on track and rejuvenated for the week to come or for the interim period between festivals. There’s a saying that goes “if you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready”, so look at these tips as a means to STAY ready.


Now I know your feet are hurting and you probably have shin splints from all of the dancing that just took place so the first thing to do is 1) Book you a massage.  Nice feet massage. Be a Bàus and get your pamper on by making an appointment with your local spa, massage school, or spouse/mate.  It doesn’t matter if you have 20.00 or 200.00 to splurge on yourself, just book it.  This step is imperative because you need to take care of your body to insure that you have eliminated the soreness that came from the constant standing, running, twirling and fist pumping dance moves that you thought you were good at but just too drunk to feel the pain at that moment in time.


Next go ahead and 2) cleanse your system! Water, Water, Water!! I can’t stress this enough. It’s a known fact that if you enjoyed yourself thoroughly, then you are more than likely dehydrated in some form or fashion.  Also, I’m pretty sure that you weren’t health conscious over the weekend and consumed a healthy dosage of pizza, burgers and other food truck delights. So head on over to your local grocery store and pick up a laxative and relieve yourself of the nastiness that is weighing you down. Your body will thank you. 🙂


Music festivals are usually outside in the Sun with not many tents to keep you from being exposed to the elements such as wind, rain, dust, you know…. weather. If you are going to a different city in which you’ve never been for a festival then be aware that your skin can take a toll on you in ways that aren’t expected.  I’m talking heat rashes, blisters, dry skin, and other unmentionable things.  To help my skin stay smooth and healthy looking I always opt for 3) a good exfoliate.  Cleanse the inside and outside of your body from the debris of the weekend long party and I promise you that by doing so, you are putting yourself in a refreshed mental state. This is what being Bàus is all about.


So you now have some good nuggets to incorporate into your regimen and hopefully you will take advantage of these tips.  These are quick fixes and please note that this is not an exhaustive list!  Have fun during this season and until next time, Be Bàus!


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