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Introduction: 10/28/2016

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that weekends are the most coveted time of the seven-day week. No one ever in LIFE says “oh man I can’t wait until Tuesday” or “on Monday we are going bar hopping and I’m having a kickback at my house!” NO. The weekend however, is a bit different. People generally look forward to a few extra days away from the job that they probably hate anyway. While at work they daydream about it and make plans for it. Even if your workweek isn’t the typical 40-hour Mon-Fri week and you work on weekends, it still carries a vibe to it! You know what I mean? Like it’s your chance to unwind, turn up, grocery shop, meal prep, go fishing, lay in bed the whole time without visiting the shower etc.


I want to introduce to you my Friday quick fix. Here are some things that I do to reset my chaotic life, places I go and habits I’ve created that provide solutions to the madness of the constant go mode. From Friday to Saturday to Sunday there are key mantras that I incorporate into my life and I felt it would be cool to share them with you guys so that you can be inspired or in turn offer me some new “hacks” to enhance my way of living.


This week we’re talking: Cognac, Parks, and Meditation


Remember, you can achieve luxury from the smallest things. Simplicity has beauty and the smallest things tend to have the biggest impact so valuing such small simplicities, brings forth the beauty of luxury.



I needed a drink. It’s been one hell of a week and I knew that I needed something to mellow out my rollercoaster emotions. I’m saying that it was a stress on the job, boyfriend breakup, car problems and family arguments kind of week. Yeah… that kind. Now my go to style is typically something smooth and mellow, something sociable such as a nice cognac or martini. This week I opted for Hennessy. My friend gifted me a bottle of the Black and the VS limited edition but what I sipped on was the original Hennessy VS and let me tell you, it mirrored my week for sure. No chasers just a few cubes; something that I wanted to take my time with and allow it to wash away my issues of the week. The smooth nature of it with the slight harsh woody, citrusy finish was just the thing to ease me into the weekend.



 The weather was cool for outdoor activities so I made the mantra of this day “treat yourself”. My treat was for my mind. I made it a point to clear some of the noise by taking a walk in the park. It was only three miles at Memorial Park but something about nature and movement triggers the body to start releasing stress. This simple action releases those endorphins aka happy bubbles that will bring tranquility to your gloomy situation. Trust me, this small feat did wonders for my psyche. Highly recommended.



I made an appointment with my bed. The mantra was “Relax and Recharge”. Some of you like to wash your car on Sundays, some like to chill and watch sports. For me, its all about meditation and rejuvenation. Saturday was to clear the brain of noise and Sunday was all about focusing on my next moves.


My bed is my Haven. It’s where I do my best thinking and relaxing. Duh right? Well this isn’t the case for many people. Ask yourself some questions here…. Do I have a good mattress? Are my sheets the best quality? When was the last time I changed my sheets? Is my pillow plush enough? Do I need to upgrade my bedding? See where I’m going here? You have to set the mood for yourself in order to successfully pull off a good relaxation environment. Light a triple scented candle, play some soft Enya like music and meditate on how you are going to conquer the world!


I’ll be popping in periodically to share with you some solutions to enhancing your state of being. I encourage you to comment and share with me some of yours! The goal here is to elevate. Remember #Bebàus!


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