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What’s up!  Let’s just say the title speaks for itself when I think of Greece. I Love the Luxury, Fun, Relaxation,Food, Shopping, adventures and people of Greece. I just love everything about it.  The views are truly captivating so I’m sharing with you some photos that I felt just doesn’t need any filters nor editing at all! This trip to Greece is by far one of my top three places in the world!


In Santorini, we stayed in the perfect hotel called Aqua Luxury Suites. Im pretty sure most of the hotels on this island are “coined” perfect and after visiting, I wouldn’t doubt it.  These are a few shots from the bar area and roof top terrace of our apartment.



IMG_5694                   IMG_5696

IMG_5697                  IMG_5695



Now let me just say! The customer service at this hotel is impeccable! They were SO accomodating and we wanted for nothing! We were provided with car service that took us not only to and from the airport but to any spot on the island. The staff graciously made all of our dinner reservations and never steered us in the wrong direction with all of their recommendations.





img_4992-1 img_4990-1 img_4991-1

Mediteranean food in the Mediteranean is NOTHING like the American style way of doing it. Sure you may have your local go to spots with an authentic mom and pop feel to it but let me tell you, the seafood is out of this world in Greece. It’s so fresh and savory and just plain mouth watering. I really can’t describe it. Ahhhh- I just love Greece…. Oh I said that already. With every meal I felt like a queen being served with the best of what the land had to offer lol! My mouth is literally watering just writing about it.



Once again the photo doesn’t give this view any justice…. This was taken from atop of a restaurant that the Hotel recommended for us. They timed our reservation so that once we finished eating, we could enjoy an after dinner drink while the sun said goodbye to us.  Definitely magical. Once again, no filters or enhancements at ALL.









Exploring the Island, eating great food, relaxing, shopping and Cliff diving pretty much summed up our visit in Santorini. The above pics are of Amoudi Bay “where dodging donkey poo becomes an art”.  In order to get to this cliff you must endure a life threatening hike down steps made for giants and the Gods! Joking… but if you do happen to choose the adventurous route and make the hike down 200 plus steps, once you make your way to this beauty… it’s all worth it and you forget all about the smell.  Please I encourage you to research Amoudi Bay and see for yourself that this is definitely a place to add to your bucket list.


Lastly, we spent a little time in the mainland Athens and did all of the touristy things. The city is HUGE and provides a unique blend of present day living with history richly ensconsed in the life of every Greek and tourist there.  Here are a few shots of the Parthenon at the top of the city.




I really could go on and on about this place but then this wouldn’t be a blog and would turn into a novel.  LOOK just do me and yourself a favor, GO! Make this a must and I promise you that you will elevate your life and way of thinking after visiting and you won’t regret it. If the people in Athens (which is also a cool city) tell you that Santorini is Magical, then you must see for yourself! I can’t beg you enough… If you have any questions regarding my stay, travel, or want any suggestions, feel free to drop a line and ask me anything. If you’ve been to Greece and feel the same way that I do, drop me a line and tell me all about your experience! I will more than likely make this trip again so any suggestions are welcome.  Ok… This post is getting a tad bit long…

Talk to you guys later 🙂

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