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Coachella….Are you ready?

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It’s that time of the year to leave your troubles behind and take off in the California wind.  Coachella is upon us, and your inner fashionista cannot wait to make its appearance.  To ensure that you don’t let her down, I’m here to give insight on some Coachella essentials that will keep you in the forefront for the festive weekend.


  1. Access Granted


Don’t start pulling out the credit cards until you have successfully completed the most important task.  That is obtain your Coachella tickets.  If your tickets weren’t obtained prior to January, then I’m sorry hun you might have to settle for date night with your boo.  For my ladies that have their Coachella wristbands, let’s get them activated and get to styling 😉


Coachella 2016

See you there!

  1. What to wear?


Now the heart & soul of your Coachella Trip….Attire.  What are you wearing?!  I can tell you what you aren’t wearing, anything heavyweight (sorry no velvet or leather until night fall).  It will be well over 90 degrees, befriend your light weight fabrics.  Chiffon, lace, mesh, silk, and cotton are good fabric choices for the festive weekend.

Color me beautiful….Color is in the air!  White hair, tangerine nails, and a yellow maxi dress….why the hell not?  Don’t be afraid of color, if you normally stick to the neutrals, switch it up this season and add a pop of color.  Blending neutrals and neon colors elevates your look.


Coachella Color

Jordan Dunn looks amazing with Lilac hair by the way!


No Coachella is official without daisy dukes and bell bottoms! Add character and edge to your look with fringe shorts or lace bell bottoms.

fringe shorts


Emilio Pucci Lace Bell Bottoms

Love these by Emilo Pucci!

  1. Head Coverage


The heat is going to be overwhelming this festive season and forehead sweat just isn’t cute…. sweating in general isn’t cute unless it’s that one trainer at the gym…. I digress.  Cover those sweat beads in style.

Wide brim hats are our personal favorite; they are chic and fun at the same time.  There is this cool company called Bàus Noir that carries a wide brim straw hat by Lack of Color, you all should check them out 😉


"The Russo" by Lack of Color


Coachella just isn’t complete without a flower crown. Rose flower crowns are elegant with character.

Rose Crown by Lady Petrova


  1. Put your best foot forward….even in a desert field. Tip of the day, wear comfortable shoes! You will be standing ALL weekend.  If you are a stiletto professional, rock those gladiator heels girl! For those of us that are heel challenged, ankle boots and fashion forward sneakers are the way to go (Yeezys will be my friend this weekend).

gladiator heels

Gotta Love Dsquared2!






5. Don’t forget the hater blockers! #Shwood


Let your hair down, positive vibes only!

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