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Where in Miami Beach?

  |   Lifestyle/Travel  |   beach, Exotic, Florida, Hostel, Hotel, Jetsetter, Lifestyle, Luxury, Luxurylifestyle, Marriot, Miami, Nomad, pool, rooftop, Travel, Traveler, Vacation, Wanderlust   |   1 Comment

  I’ve been to Miami with a lot of cash and I’ve been to Miami BROKE!   I’ve been to Miami with a lot of friends and I’ve been to Miami by my lonesome.   Each time it was equally amazing. I mean seriously, it wasn’t voted the number one...

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  |   Lifestyle/Travel  |   Athens, Exotic, Greece, Island, Lifestyle, Luxury, Luxurylifestyle, Mediterranean Sea, Nomad, Santorini, Travel, Traveler, Views, Wanderlust   |   No comment

What's up!  Let's just say the title speaks for itself when I think of Greece. I Love the Luxury, Fun, Relaxation,Food, Shopping, adventures and people of Greece. I just love everything about it.  The views are truly captivating so I'm sharing with you some photos...

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The Italian Way

  |   Lifestyle/Travel   |   No comment

It’s all about the style, food, history and wine when traveling in Italy. I recently had the opportunity to visit a few different places during my holiday and with having limited time, I'm giving you a broad perspective of my assumptions and observations about Italy....

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