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Become a Brand Ambassador!

Want to be a Brand Ambassador for Bàus Noir? We’d love to have you apart of the Bàus Team!! 


What Is Bàus Noir?


To be Bàus is to exemplify confidence, style, luxury, sophistication, and edge. Bàus Noir is here to service that state of being by visually developing your imagination and giving an inside glimpse into the ever growing fashion industry.


In addition, we present a unique shopping experience that consists of bridging independent designers and established labels with fashion enthusiasts throughout the world.


We aim to provide a Bàus experience across all platforms while keeping exclusivity and quality in the forefront.


Who is the Bàus Ambassador?


You must know that this is for the fashion forward woman. Period. We are looking for that woman who is embodying what we deem to be Bàus to represent our brand in the most elevated way.

As a Bàus Ambassador, You will promote Bàus Noir through out your community and social media platforms. Providing us with photos and videos of you wearing Bàus in every aspect of your life. We want you to share your dope lifestyle with our growing and like-minded Bàus Women alike.




Support- we are here to support and elevate our brand ambassadors increasing their influence in the fashion industry. We thrive to ensure that support and success is shared. #womenempowerment


Commission: Bàus ambassadors will receive 8% commission on all net sales deriving from use of personal promotional code.


Complimentary Bàus Noir Apparel: Love the styles we have to offer? Now your wardrobe will too! Receive complimentary Bàus Noir apparel and exclusive designer pieces that will keep you fashion forward.


Travel Opportunities: Bàus Noir is a lifestyle! Join us as we travel the world and introduce our brand. Capture your worldly adventures with Bàus.


Personal promotion code: Bàus ambassadors will be granted their personal promotion code for their community. This code will provide a 10% discount on transactions.


Exclusive Invites: Attend exclusive fashion and luxury lifestyle events on behalf of Bàus Noir. This will aid in the exposure and elevation of you, as well as, the Bàus brand.



Specifics to our Marketing requirements:


Share beautiful photographs of yourself and your Bàus Noir product around your hometown and on your travels.


Include links to our website or social media site and information about Bàus Noir; including sharing your unique and exclusive discount code.


Aid in organizing trunk shows or other Bàus Noir related events in the community. These events vary depending on the time of year but expect to be included in at least 2-3 events during your duration as a Brand Ambassador.



Brand Ambassador Application: