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Bàus Product of the Month: River Harem Skirt

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The staple piece that will make your leggings jealous…



The ‘River Harem Skirt’, by designer Michelle Noparvar, is your new “go to”. The garment is a hybrid of a skirt and pants. “Skants” if you will…too corny? Whatever!LOL. The ‘River Harem Skirt’ features a drop crotch illusion with fishnet ankle inserts. Keeping you #fashionforward . Honestly, truly… this is a must in your atelier.

River Harem Skirt: Model Jphinee

(Bàus Model @Jphinee serving!!)

Comfort Level


Did I mention how comfortable they are??  Made from the finest cotton, you can practically sleep in them (I do, ALL the time!). This design has a very relaxed fit made for the woman that loves to be chic yet comfortable. I know often we sacrifice our comfort for aesthetic but this piece proves it isn’t necessary.




A well invested piece is often defined by its ability to transcend through time. The ‘River Harem Skirt’ can transition from day to night or from summer to fall. Throw on some chucks and hang with the guys, or slide on some pumps for a night out with the girls, either way the slay will be real….

Meesh Collection River Harem Skirt (side)

( When the slay is real! Bàus Model @b_wooozy)



So where can you get your hands on the “River Harem Skirt”? (hint: click any of the images in this post). Bàus Noir has got you covered! In addition, you can visit designer Michelle Noparvar’s website at http://www.meeshcollection.com

River Harem Skirt - lynch

(yours truly….caught in the moment lol)

What do you think of the ‘River Harem Skirt’ by Meesh Collection? #Baus?? Leave your comments below. I’m interested to know your thoughts!

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