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Bàus Finance

Introduction to financial freedom…

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Money management.  It’s a topic we embrace and avoid at the same time.


Funny how that works.  We embrace the idea of having financial security; a little something tucked away for a rainy day.  And true to form, some of us learn the importance of this notion when it’s too late. We have all been there.  We’ve swiped that debit card one too many times, and we are afraid to assess the damage and spend hours– even days avoiding our online banking accounts.  Because naturally, if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist! We rent the luxury apartments and buy the more expensive car that reflects our status. We take the trips with our friends we know we can’t afford. We buy the best birthday gifts, and pick up the happy hour tabs to show those around us that we have become the successes that we were meant to be. Unfortunately this is the mindset that gets us into these financial binds to begin with.


It’s time to change our views on our money and how we manage it.  Owning our shortcomings may be difficult, but it is what is needed to introduce growth. How do you know what to change, if you have no idea what you are doing wrong?


I am no stranger to the consequences of poor financial habits. At 25 years old, I found myself single, unemployed, in debt, with poor credit all at the same time. With no fairy godmother to call on, I was forced to deal with the terrible financial decisions that ultimately caused a chain reaction of events.


Through my journey I have come to realize that there are no shortcuts. No magic button that fixes it and makes it all go away. It takes time, dedication; the idea of knowing that you are better and can be better if you put forth the effort. This blog is nothing more than a “pay it forward”. It is the opportunity to share my story and my struggles, and hopefully inspire each and every one of you to put in the work. To gain control of your financial life, and create a lifestyle that leaves you fulfilled and genuinely happy.


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