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A night with Clive Christian, the worlds most expensive perfume

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It has been said that perfume is the most intense form of memory, Clive Christian makes it certain that you will never forget.

 Clive Christian Specialty
Last night we experienced royalty with brand ambassador and daughter Victoria Christian, at Clive
Christian’s exclusive “X” with a twist launch event hosted by Saks and Heart of Fashion. We were introduced to two new exotic “X” with a twist fragrances, Narcissus for women and Saffron for men. Both fragrances designed to intertwine with one another to create a divine scent. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling these fragrances. Even more so we enjoyed visiting with perfume connessuir, Victoria Christian. She radiated with her personality and style (loved the Vivienne Westwood dress girl ????) explaining each of the Clive Christian collections from the original collection to present. She ensured that we fell in love and embraced the significance of perfumery.
Victoria Christian
The lovely Victoria Christian introducing the new fragrances by Clive Christian
Clive Christian Saffron
clive christian narcissus
Clive Christian is widely known for reviving the The Crown Perfumery Company and introducing the world to the most expensive perfume ever, Clive Christian No.1.  Royalty in a bottle, literally. Queen Victoria’s crown graces the face and stopper of every bottle.
 Clive Christian
Clive began his notable mark on the world in 1999 with the launch of his original collection 1872, X, and No 1.  Each fragrance is unique but share a lasting impact.
1872: this fragrance pays homage to the original fragrance by The Crown Perfumery and is named after the year Queenl Victoria granted permission to use her crown as a stopper.
X: this fragrance is like that boy your mom warned you about. It’s dangerously refreshing. The X fragrance contains aphrodisiacs sure to please.
No.1: this fragrance is the creme de la creme. The most expensive perfume in the WORLD. It features the most rare and natural elements in the world. Fit for a king/queen. Made with the motto. “Design first, to be the best it can be, then cost it”.
Will you be treating yourself to the new “X” with a twist fragrances by Clive Christian??
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