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A Detour to Destin

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Hey guys! So I recently took a road trip with my mom from Houston Texas to Jacksonville Florida to visit my Grandma. We brought my two nephews along ages 14 and 6 and I must say that this was an all around joyful trip. I really had a great time.


Road trips that span 12 hours plus some can be a hit or miss honestly. I mean who wants to sit in the car for that long? Between the “are we there yet” questions every hour it seems, the air temperature preferences, bathroom breaks, fighting over snacks and interesting music choices, one would think that taking a long road trip should be left to the movies scenes. The funny thing is, my mom and I were the kids on this trip being the annoying two with all of the issues.


Jacksonville was cool and of course we visited Atlantic Beach. Surprisingly, this was the first time that my nephews had a chance to really enjoy a beach. You know I felt old so instead of frolicking around in the water, I was on auntie duty making sure the kids didn’t get lost.


I’m sharing a few pics that my 14- year- old nephew took on this trip. As a matter of fact, he took all the pictures you see below and in the title. His name is Chad Hendrick and I believe he has a promising future as a photographer. 😉
















On the way back to Houston after being on the road for about 4 hours, my mom and I came to the conclusion that we didn’t want the fun to end.  I had heard of this place called Destin, Fl. a few times from some friends who had visited and I mentioned it to her just in time. She goes “how far is it off the freeway?” and before we knew it our exit was approaching and we dipped off of I10 with curiosity and spontaneity leading with way! Check out how clear this water is!




We stopped by this restaurant for dinner named the Crab Trap and caught the sunset. I swear this place reminds me of Miami with the sugary white sand and the multicolored blue hues in the ocean.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Taking the Detour to Destin was a nice pleasantly relaxing adventure. It added some spunk into our already fun trip.  Sometimes in life we get so wrapped up in our schedules and habitual attitudes that we forget that taking a detour off the normal path is sometimes more rewarding than you would think.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into my nephews’ perspective of the beach. This is the Bàus Perspective and he was definitely “boss status” with the candid shots.  Until next time…




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